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    Wilson: ‘Ogier won’t give up title fight' -

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    lol who would ?
    The North Will Rise Again

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    Hmm, Latvala, Meeke

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    Discover what you expect from the rest of the season, what you have in mind for the immediate future and more in the long term ...

    We see the faces with Dani Sordo for this interview at an event organized by Shell, one of the sponsors of the Hyundai team in the WRC and the Spaniard shows how he is: sincere, simple and knowing what role he has within the team. He knows that in Spain he has it difficult with the great mark that Carlos Sainz is still leaving and with the success that Spanish sport has in so many other disciplines, but he does not stop struggling to keep up and although he recognizes that the WRC World Cup "burns a lot" ", He trusts his options to get back on the top of the podium and confesses that, to this day, he continues to be linked to the rallies, at least one more year.
    He also tells us about his future, about what interest other disciplines have for him and if he is ever competing in the Dakar.

    Auto Bild: Hyundai fights for the titles of drivers and teams in the WRC, how do you face the final stretch of the season?
    Dani Sordo: The truth is that very happy, because so far everything goes well, with Neuville leader, also leaders in the World Championship of Brands. So with much desire. Now rallies come a bit difficult for us, asphalt rallies we have to improve the car a bit and we will have to apply a little, because it seems that on asphalt costs us a little more, but we will try to do a good job of previous tests.

    AB: On one occasion I read that you recognized that perhaps one point of improvement for was the way you take the notes. Have you made any changes with Carlos del Barrio in this regard?

    Dani Sordo: The notes are a personal thing, every driver has a way, but nobody can make it perfect. This year is doing well. I can not tell you why. It is true that in the subject of notes I, sometimes, fail a bit, we have tried to improve and we keep improving every time. I have not made a specific change nor is it due to the change of co-pilot (last year his 'copi' was Marc Martí).

    AB: In 2018 your contract with Hyundai ends, when will you sit down to negotiate?
    Dani Sordo: At the moment we have not spoken anything. It depends on how the season is going. I am an optimist and my intention is to continue one more year at Hyundai.
    AB: After your visit to the Rallycross of Barcelona, ​​a few months ago, it was said that you were planning to run there, what's true about it?
    Dani Sordo: Someday I will have to run another thing if I want to continue competing. But right now the rally is the highest level and everything else is below. It's like the F1 of mountain roads. However, I do not rule it out for the future and it is a discipline that is fun to have fun.
    AB: What if Hyundai was officially?
    Dani Sordo: At the moment I do not think about it in the short term. I would like to do at least one more year in rallies. But it is true that the Rallycross looks fun: there is a little less pressure than in the WRC, the races last less, it is a circuit, you do not have to move so much, I think that the people who do it, like Loeb, It has been a bit too for comfort. There are fewer trips, fewer tests ... The world rally 'burns' a lot: there are many trips all the time, tests, many days out

    AB: It is said that Kimi Räikkönen could run next year with Toyota in the WRC, how do you think he would go?
    Dani Sordo: The F1 drivers in rallies have already seen several times that they have tried and many have the problem of the notes. Kimi tried it already, it was going well and what happened was that he had accidents due to the subject of notes.
    AB: (Robert) Kubica also had his mishaps ...
    Dani Sordo: Yes, but in Kubika's case I think it was to admire what he was doing for what he had in his hand. It was a pilotazo and it did it better than Räikkönen.
    AB: The figure of Carlos Sainz marked an era in this sport. Undoubtedly, the bar left it very high and perhaps people now do not know how to value anything beyond victory. Maybe his shadow has been too long? Have you missed some support?
    Dani Sordo: The truth is that you have to have a respect for Carlos. He has been a champion, he continues to be and has won world titles and that helps a lot. So it's normal for people to have Carlos as an idol, which is what he really is. Now in Spain it is difficult, because it is clear that if you do not win races it is not worth it. But I consider myself quite lucky because I have enough fans who follow me. It is clear that I would like the rallies to come out a bit more on 'TV', but that also depends on me. If he wins, more will come out. In addition, in Spain we have another 'problem', that there are many good athletes of many things: football, basketball, motorcycles ...

    AB: What would you say to these people so they would understand the difficulty of reaching the top?
    Dani Sordo: It's difficult, because it also happens, for example, with Nadal. As soon as he does not win, even though he is working 100%, we start criticizing. Sometimes things happen and others do not happen. But is normal. I know that people appreciate my work and follow me. And those that do not, well, you also have to respect them.
    AB: Would you like to try the Dakar in the future?
    Dani Sordo: I like the Dakar, but a little less than the Rallycross, which is more action, shorter and the results are seen before. The Dakar is a beautiful adventure and they look very fast, but you have to have more experience and I, personally, like a shorter competition.
    AB: To finish, if you had not been a pilot: What profession would you have chosen?
    Dani Sordo: I have no idea. Surely I would have worked in my parents' businesses, which are precisely related to the distribution of spare parts and lubricants of cars, so I would be distributing that type of products in the area or managing the karting that my father did, since he has not done by me, but he rode it before I had even started running.

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