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You're mixing the things up - nobody watches WRC because of the noise (from casual spectators). They watch it because there is good competition, cars are fast, more extreme as You say, there are at least 3 manufacturers and 1 semi manufacturer, last but not least - the promotion is getting better and better every year.
The things that get the most reaction from rally spectators are spectacular driver commitment (driving on/over the limit) and the sound of the cars. Not talking about WRC specifically but rallying in general.

Exciting noise is important for the emotional involvement of spectators - just like a movie needs the right music and good sound effects to make an audience feel involved, so does motorsport. This is probably even more important for casual spectators than rally-geeks like us.

Close competition is important too of course and keeps people interested and following on tv/online over the whole season as well as going to their local rallies, but many spectators while they're watching in person don't care too much if a driver is a tenth or ten seconds faster than another as long as its exciting to watch and they feel close to the action.

I guess promotion is getting better with stuff like WRC+ for existing fans, but I don't know if they have done anything much for wider awareness and interest beyond the people who are already into rally?