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    Knowing ESPN's past history I expect less coverage, more commercials, and odd show times. This is definitely NOT an upgrade.
    Back in the CART days, I well remember having to keep a piece of cardboard beside my TV when the races were shown tape delayed. Why? Do you remember how ESPN2 would run the results of the race WHILE you were watching the race?! I would tape the cardboard to the bottom of my TV set to block any results that the doofuses would scroll across during the race. I well remember CART races being joined late, preempted by little league baseball and girl's high school soccer. I remember the coverage ending as soon as the winner crossed the finish line. I have nightmares of the ESPeeN F1 team being Scott "Snoozy" Goodyear (taking Diffey's place), Eddie "Backmarker" Cheever (taking Hobbs' place as the F1 driving "expert") and Danica "The Brand" Patrick (taking Matchett's place as the technical analyst - I think she knows what a steering wheel is... since I doubt she'll be real busy next year). Bad memories mean very low expectations for the future under the gang at Disney. Of all the outlets, ABC/ESPN is my least favorite for motorsports. Other than bouncing channels during broadcasts, I think that Fox does well. I'm OK with CBS for the most part. But from NHRA to NASCAR to everything else I've watched, I have a long, deep hatred for the motorsports coverage on ABC/ESPN. IMO, they put the "S" in suck.

    I dislike the myriad of commercials on NBCSN too. Even their app has unavoidable and VERY long commercials on it. But other than Speedvision/Speed Channel, NBCSN has been my favorite F1 outlet over the years.

    If the Mouse House does give us the Sky coverage, from what people say about it, I guess that would be the best hope that we have. And I will certainly sign up for whatever Liberty offers, assuming the price isn't crazy. My main thing is I need to be able to watch by way of a DVR or on-demand. I've been unable to watch live races for years.
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    Be calm , Jag , I know what you're talking about , and your life , in F1 terms is about to change dramatically , as you'll be greatly impressed with the Sky coverage .
    They are at every race , doing a lot of wandering around , bumping into grid folk , asking often uncomfortable questions .
    They have a good amount of detailed analysis as well , so you get a little added insight .

    I do hope the mouse stays out of the broadcast for you , but perhaps produces an F1 movie or two in the background to get the ball really rolling in the US .
    Then just add another race or two and you'd have what Bernie wanted and couldn't get done .

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    AS long as they broadcast the races the rest really doesn't make much difference to me, as I have Univision to switch to during the commercials. Now If you take away Univision to fall back on I will get all pissed off!
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    Being OTA here, it looks like I will only see U.S. and Mexico. NBC carried those as well as Canada and Monaco.
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