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    now they need small rear view camera across the top of the halo
    VERSTAPPEN: ‘If I’d let Sainz past, dad would’ve kicked me in the nuts!’

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bagwan View Post
    Calling it the "halo" makes it sound saintly , but it looks ugly as hell .

    I was hoping that this idea would crumble , but it looks like it's here .
    F1 cars will look like "flip flops" from now on .
    Hey , now there's a marketing idea - sandals in all the team colours .
    McLaren have pulled off the ultimate sponsorship coup by bringing on board a company called Gandys , from Oz , that make flip-flop sandals .
    Their logo will appear on the front of the halo , and the company has produced a Mac-orange and blue haloed edition for the F1 crowd .

    This is a nice way to make a comment on this , whilst at the same time , make some good money for both Mac and Gandys .
    Maybe they read my post .

    When I was a kid , flip flops were also called "thongs" .
    I guess , with the more modern , cheeky , swimsuit application of the word , it makes for a less savoury image for the device .
    It does make me wonder where the marketting could go , though .

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