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    I think I'm sufficiently crazy

    Hi guys.

    Looking for some advice. I hope i came to the right place.

    First off I'm a south african studying mechatronic engineering. I should be graduating at the end of the year. One of my dreams is to be a rally driver. I don't follow any sports due to a lack of time, and i don't know much about getting into rally.

    What i do know is that I'm pretty good at driving on dirt/mud. There are these really cool mountain roads where i study which absolutely no one knows about apart from myself. That's my favourite place to go when im bored. The nice thing about those roads is that if you stuff up then you're rolling down a mountain. Oh, i drive a 2007 2.8L jeep cherokee crd. It's rear wheel drive and has a sufficient amount of torque to keep me satisfied for now.

    I would push the car harder, but the car belongs to my dad and i don't want to break it....

    Anyway, how can one get into racing of this sort with little to no financial suppor? Is it even possible? If i don't start soon, i fear that i never will (you're sharpest when you're young)

    If it helps, i have a british passport.


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    First, no one is sufficiently crazy. Especially if you are posting here. There is also no quick and cheap entry into motorsport. I'd suggest that you check around where you live and find the local car clubs - particularly if there is a rally oriented club. Hook up with them, work a couple events to get familiar with how things are done. There you will make contacts who can advise and assist you going forward. As with most motorsport, hitting the lottery won't hurt your effort either.
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