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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirek View Post
    There used to be a service after every stage, maybe You forgot.
    I don't know. What kind of service? Could they change blown engine? Gearbox?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stefanvv View Post
    I don't know. What kind of service? Could they change blown engine? Gearbox?
    Blown engine no. Gearbox yes:
    In those days there were almost no rules regarding service. Smaller teams had one van and service every few stages, bigger teams had more vans and service after every single stage. In group B days some teams even used helicopters to transport mechanics and spare parts quickly. It's only in the '90s that the format of rallies changed to having a service park. The countless service vans were too dangerous for the traffic, as they were often doing a "rally" of their own, trying to service the rallycar as much as possible.

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    Exactly also the growing density of road traffic gradually complicated the servicing through the years.
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