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    Quote Originally Posted by journeyman racer View Post
    We could do it that way. It wouldn't bother me. But a situation like Canada puts pressure on the stewards to make a decision. I don't think they're as objective as we hope they'd be. MB knew Hamilton made a mistake. But I suspect there would've been some heated discussions behind the scenes if he had been penalised.

    You have to acknowledge that there's a Constructor's championship as well, and that's important (even if it isn't to fans). In that situation, if you could punish the driver without punishing the team. Then I think it takes the pressure off MB as well. They know Rosberg was dudded. But they had to act in the best interests of the team before Rosberg.
    Putting the best interests of the team at the forefront starts with picking a driver who will do the same .
    Egos too big will too often disrupt the balance , and before this , a team could easily mitigate this issue with no protest over a team mate clash .

    Now , with potential to be held responsible in all incidents , not just ones with other teams , drivers will be pressured more to behave better with their team mates .

    And , sure , stewarding can be dreadfully inconsistent , but , if at least all the incidents that they see can be investigated , then it at least has a chance to be fair .
    In that Canadian GP example , it could have changed the scenario completely , had Lewis been handed a penalty .
    But , by the same token , he's not stupid , and would likely know his chances of getting any penalty would be greatly reduced whilst fighting his team mate , so the risk was worth the personal reward , even if the team suffers as a result .

    But , not now .

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    Glad to hear this. I hope it becomes a statement of intent to change the way F1 is run and managed on track and at race weekends. Next after Bernie is to ask Charlie to step aside.
    Its not crashing it's drifting with style

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