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    Crystal Ball Time for 2017

    The number of offs prediction thread got me thinking. So I'm inviting the forum members to make 5 predictions for the 2017 season in a qualitative manner. I'll keep track of the reality during the season and report from time to time and next November we can all judge who had their finger on the pulse best.
    To kick off here are mine

    1 -Ogier to win the WDC again
    2 - Toyota won't win a round (FAIL)
    3 - Australia to be a dead rubber / undersubscribed event again
    4 - Stages to be cancelled in Poland (WIN)
    5 - Mikkelsen to be parachuted in to a team by Rally Portugal
    (FAIL - a rally too late)
    Special merit will be accorded to the wildest prediction that comes to pass!!
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    Great Thread!

    1. Ogier takes the title nr. 5! M-Sport will lose the Manufacturer´s title by a slim margin, but Ford is so happy for the Ogier´s title that the Blue Oval will be officially back for the season 2018! -> Malcolm will be very happy.
    2. Neuville is very fast, but understands that it´s better to take solid points rather than always trying to win. 2nd in the Championsip.
    3. Citroën is very fast, but Meeke continues to make too many mistakes and will lose much points. Despite that he is 3rd in the Championship.
    4. Citroën and Yves Matton understands at the middle of the season that Breen/Lefebvre are too inexperienced and slow to be 2nd nominated drivers to score points and for the 2018 they are forced to take Andreas Mikkelsen as a 2nd driver to fight for the Manufacturer´s title. Breen/Lefebvre will share the 3rd car.
    5. Toyota is faster than the most of us was expecting, but they are still learning and collecting the experience. Latvala understands that now he has to finish and is not trying to win at all costs. Solid points, but sometimes also the lack of speed. Yaris WRC is flying in Rally Finland, but not by Latvala or Hänninen. Esapekka Lappi is leading the rally after the 1st day, but the biggest surprise is their 4th driver in Rally Finland! Jarkko Nikara shows who is the fastest Finn
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    1.) Toyota on the podium in Monte Carlo (win)
    2.) Hyundai manu champs (FAIL)
    3.) Meeke WC (FAIL)
    4.) Tanak takes a win before Ogier does (FAIL-edit)
    5.) Mikkelsen in a 2017 Polo from Portugal on (Fail)
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    1. Rally Sweden to be cancelled due to lack of snow and icying on the roads (FAIL)

    2. Ogier to be crowned WC (WIN)

    3. Tanak to win his first event (Win)

    4. Rally with the highest average speed ever recorded (FAIL)

    5. Toyota to be far behind from other manufacturers (win)
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    1. Ogier wins half the events and the other half the Ford retires (Fail)
    2. Hyundai manu champion not later than Rally Germany. (Fail)
    3. Hanninen to be replaced before the end of the season. (Fail)
    4. Sardinia cancelled because of some problems with a boat ot african immigrants. (Fail)
    5. Citroen team with complete DNF at Monte. (FAIL -edit)

    need a lot of wild luck for these to happen but it's just for fun you know
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    1) Neuville and Hyundai World Champion (I certainly hope this) (Double FAIL)
    2) Camilli WRC2 Champion (Fail)
    3) 5 different winners in 3 different cars (50-50) (>5 in>3 FAIL)
    4) Toyota finishing with less then half the points of the other manufacturers (Fail)
    5) Latvala breaking his suspension 5 times due to bad luck (Fail)

    Bonus: Ostberg complaining of down shift problem in Sweden (but that one is to easy to predict ) (FAIL)
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    1. Tanak will take his maiden win (WIN)
    2. Ogier's moanings about the car will replace Ogier's moanings about starting position (FAIL)
    3. Ogier will win championship (WIN)
    4. Lefebvre will never win a single stage (Fail)
    5. Prokop will retire from WRC for the 7th time (WIN)
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    Quote Originally Posted by SlowSon View Post
    4. Sardinia cancelled because of some problems with a boat ot african immigrants.
    My friend, I'm trying really hard to find a sense in this one but I really can't.

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    1. Toyota takes first and only win in Sweden.
    2. Ogier to be WDC. (WIN)
    3. Citroen hires Mikkelsen after big failure in Mexico. (Fail)
    4. Hyundai takes manu championship by small margin to Ford. (FAIL)
    5. Too many crashes with new 2017 WRC cars makes FIA to change rules to R5 WRC cars for 2018. (FAIL
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    1. Ogier will be crowned for the 5th time WC. (WIN)
    2. Hyundai will win the Manu. title by 50 points (at least) (FAIL)
    3. Each & every single one of the drivers will crash at one point or another (yes yes, including Ogier) (FAIL)
    4. Meeke will become Mkrash (Mcrash 2) (WIN but only because the C3 was a pile of crap)
    5. Malcolm will leave M-Sport at the end of the season (& announce it just after Ogier has taken the title). (WRONG x10000000)
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