Some of you might remember. After a terrible season with Ferrari in 91. Prost was left in the lurch with the big teams and tested with back half runners Ligier during the 1991/92 off season.

I remember seeing footage of it. I thought "Gee. Prost had a bad year. But he's still a world champion, one of the best drivers. Now forced to drive a bad car..."

But as the turns out. Wasn't that bad a car at all. In fact, it was very, very good. In the Benetton range at the time!

I was left gobsmacked when listening to the Motorsport magazine podcast interviewing Frank Dernie. I could not believe the performance he said Prost was producing with the Ligier JS37. He was saying that in qualifying trim, Prost was 2secs a lap quicker than Thierry Boutsen. In race trim, he was up to 1.6 secs quicker.

I was stunned. I immediately went to check what could've happened had Prost drove for them in 92. In the next post,. I'll show the likely outcome. Knowing what I know now. I wish Prost did drive for them. He would've rocked the applecart alright, and maybe taken the shine off Mansell's sensational season. It would've been tremendous to see what he could've done for a team that didn't score a point in 91, and hadn't scored a podium since 86.