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    Manor in administration

    Nasr's 9th place in the Brazilian rain has proved very costly for Manor.
    It's a shame to see them hitting the buffers now, after they just about caught up to the back of the main field in terms of performance. Another season or two and they might have been a competitive lower midfield team.

    So who might bail them out? Ron perhaps? Or would Rosberg or Button fancy joining the ranks of the legendary owner-drivers? Though even if they are bailed out, any chance of a decent performance will surely be sunk by the disruption of their development programme.

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    The team employs 212 staff at their Banbury headquarters. Rowley said all were paid in full to the end of December and no redundancies had been made.
    Fitzpatrick said a sale to an Asian investment consortium had been agreed in December but that time had run out before they could complete the transaction.

    - ABC News, 7th Jan 2017

    Personally I'd like to see someone like Kia, SAIC or Dongfeng buy Manor.

    Especially China, if it wants to be seen as producing worthwhile cars, needs to be seen to to be part way successful. Formula One would be a very good start if they wanted to show themselves to be competing with the world's best.
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    Administrators for the Manor Formula One team say talks with interested parties have intensified but a firm financial commitment has yet to be secured as a deadline looms.

    Manor need at least half a million pounds ($622,000) to pay salaries, prepare the cars and go testing before the season starts in Australia on March 26.

    Administrators FRP Advisory have agreed to pay all staff salaries to the end of January, after which employees may have to be laid off and preparations put on hold.
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