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Thread: Goodbye Felipe

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    Been a good driver has Massa, but he stayed at Ferrari way too long. It was in 2010 that he was going to the lapdog for Alonso, so he should have won the German GP (he has never come close since) that year instead of obeying team orders and then moved to another team for 2011. Maybe, he could've churned out a few more wins and podiums elsewhere instead of spending 2011, 2012 and 2013 in the doldrums. I think by 2014 it was probably too late - the 2014 Williams was pretty good and I think a really good driver would have squeezed a couple of wins out of it, in Abu Dhabi for example.

    I think Felipe will regret that German GP in 2010. He could've had at least one more win on his CV.
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    A great career, and a really good driver. I think playing #2 over the years killed his motivation quite a bit, and combined with being less than consistent wasn't a great combination long term. But he had his days where he was really fast, and considering the drivers he competed against, beating them some of the time wasn't an easy task.

    His podium at Interlagos in 2008 was the Felipe we needed to see more of.

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    Felipe Massa won't hand back retirement F1 gift

    The Brazilian was gifted his Interlagos Williams car before returning this off-season

    Read more BullSH***:
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