Taller barriers would help, but perhaps the positioning of the camera stand needs to be considered too. It's an MSV circuit, and they do tend to be pretty hot on these things, so if there need to be changes they will be made quickly.

There might be something in the driving standards criticism too though. I would never criticise a championship for having too many cars, but perhaps in filling a grid of 30+ there are a few drivers who might be advised to go and race somewhere else. None of the crashes happened towards the front of the field after all... I think it was Jordan who said the same people seem to get caught in the incidents, and he's right on yesterday's evidence (although I think Hunter Abbott can be considered unlucky). I don't think the BTCC's reputation for crashes helps; it's been a while since we saw anything like yesterday's carnage, let alone twice in one meeting, but when contact is accepted these things are bound to happen sooner or later. Unfortunately we didn't get a proper view of what triggered the accident, so it's difficult to apportion blame or suggest what needs to be done as a result.

I don't think the Clio pit board incident really needs any changes other than: Make sure you move your pit board out of the way of oncoming traffic. Certainly there's not a lot they can do to relocate the pit wall.

A lucky escape though for all concerned; if Abbott's car had been sent right rather than left it could have gone over the pit wall. Similarly, while it was unfortunate the camera stand got hit, if it hadn't been there could we have had a car in the crowd?