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    Quote Originally Posted by Starter View Post
    Not bad. You only missed a few. Graham Hill was another Indy winner.

    The others you missed were Bill Vukovich, Tony Ruttman, Pat Flaherty, Sam Hanks, Jimmy Bryan , Roger Ward and Jim Rathman. It was kind of a trick question. The last drivers named were Indy winners when Indy counted for the world championship, so they won in both categories.
    I should have gotten Graham Hill. Darn it!

    As for the others... well played, sir. Well played.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mintexmemory View Post
    No Starter, they won in the WC round run for Indycars but not F1 which was a different spec! So back to your original question it should be 'also won a round of the WDC' not a win in F1 (#pedantic smartarse)
    Well with PS rules in place, and with same spec being noted; I'm gonna throw in Jimmy Murphy w/his Duesenberg.

    - 1921 French GP

    - 1922 Indianapolis 500

    Same car, same specs. Hope that works. Yeah I know... still not F1
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