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    Quote Originally Posted by Sal the 2nd View Post
    Interesting that the VW Pikes Peak car won the shoot Out at Goodwood FOS on Sunday but was still off the mark for the outright record. Was impressive to watch it especially when Dumas nearly crashed on one run right in front of the house however still sounded like a washing machine rather than a car.
    Have you seen the Heidfeld record run? It's crazy quick regardless of what tech.

    I'm still torn on the idea of ElectricRX, on one hand the torque and power will be spectacular but on the other it'll be a huge shame to lose the theatre and sound of current supercars. I'd like to see the two classes continue to run, but not sure if the money will be there to sustain it. Maybe IMG/Monster should spend less money on freebies and flying birds in leather kecks around the world.
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    The F1 car has more than double power/weight suprise it's faster on a track like that.
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