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    Quote Originally Posted by Sso View Post
    Missed this one earlier, can someone give a short summary?
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    "quattro best 4wd rallycar ever"

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    Quote Originally Posted by pantealex View Post
    You just can´t blame CAR for all those 55 points. Hard to which are totally lost because of car but those last 2points from Sardinia late-check 100% not.
    i didnt say in that post its only because of the car. its a combination of the car and bad luck.

    Mexico - definitely the car, Portugal - bad luck, Sardegna - bad luck/car/ and him, maybe he should have taken that jump with less speed ? who knows? maybe the car shouldnt break after the jump? who knows?

    Those 2 points that he lost due their own fault in Sardegna is a piss in the ocean compared what he has lost due car/bad luck.
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