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    Quote Originally Posted by gadjo_dilo View Post
    Lol. That heavy rain has moved to Book-a-rest.....
    Stay dry!
    Those who believe in telekinetics raise my hand

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    first goal came from an obvious dive followed by a cross to some guy who was off side. then an hands ball. the hands ball rule is so unclear these days that it can be easily used to make the score "right" when needed. and it was. thanks God for VAR though. Makes any mistake legit. seem's to be the purpose of it. France played nothing up to 3-1, yet they were 2 goals ahead. easy to start a game 2 goals ahead and play only for an half an hour, most of it to waste time. this Final was a sham and the World Champion is just the perfect Con Artist. it's what it means these days. Most of their game since the quarter-final was just time-wasting "skillmanship". I'm done watching scum bag's pretending to run around for a ball. the whole concept is silly and they can't even live up to that. F***ing humanity. France is world champion after checking out after the quart-finals and Henry Kane is the golden boot. just silly!

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